Black Hills Chapter NSDAR - Lead/Deadwood - Organized: April 16, 1921
Bear Butte Chapter NSDAR - Sturgis - Organized: March 15, 1952
Merger Approved: December 4, 1999

The Black Hills Chapter NSDAR, Lead/Deadwood, was organized in Belle Fourche on April 16, 1921, at the home of Betty H Crouch. 

The Bear Butte Chapter NSDAR, Sturgis, was organized on March 15, 1952. This chapter was named after the mountain east of Sturgis, an igneous cone rising almost 1,400 feet above the plains to an elevation of 4,422 feet. This cone served as a landmark to early explorers and pioneers. The chapter was active in the DAR committee work in Sturgis and the surrounding areas until it merged with the existing Black Hills Chapter NSDAR in 1998.

On August 21, 1999, members of the Bear Butte Chapter NSDAR and Black Hills Chapter NSDAR met and voted in favor of merging.  Believing that the name of the newly merged chapter and its location should serve to best represent the vast area encompassing its combined membership, members voted to change the chapter name to the Black Hills Chapter NSDAR and its location to Rapid City. On December 4, 1999, the National Board of Management approved the merger, name, and location. 

The new chapter became:
Black Hills Chapter NSDAR
Rapid City, South Dakota